Earth day 2011

Happy Earth Day everybody!! Today is a great day to start a new environmentally friendly habit. If change seems overwhelming, try to start small.

You could challenge yourself to use cloth napkins 3 nights a week, or only use cloth rags when you clean on the weekends.  We gave up most disposable paper products in my household last Earth Day, and while it was achallenge at first to remember to reach for the cloth rag instead of a paper towel, it’s just normal now.  Spills are cleaned up more quickly, and easily, and it really has not added any more laundry to my chores!  Not to mention the cost savings really adds up over time.  It’s such a simple cheap change, I really encourage everyone to try it at least part time.

Another simple thing you could do is give up the plastic shopping bags.  Reusable bags hold so much more, you’ll find that they help shorten the time it takes to unload groceries.  You can find a few upcycled all purpose bags in the Free Rose shop. Not only are they great for store trips, you can use them to carry your lunch, and they make beautiful gift bags!  Wouldn’t they be a nice bonus gift as wrapping on a Mother’s Day present? Check them out here.

To celebrate Earth Day, please use code EarthDayWP in the Free Rose esty store to enjoy 10% off your entire purchase. This offer will expire on Sunday, April 24 at 11:59 PM central.  This is the perfect time to get your pre-order in for the next batch of Organic Fleece Inserts and Trifolds, or maybe try a Ruffle Bottom Cover for the summer.  Happy Earth Day, and happy shopping! 🙂

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