Holiday Crafting Challenge #2

Soooo….the deadline for Crafting Challenge #1 has come and gone.  Did you find time to make your own braided creation? I’d love for you to share picks with me and your FRS friends! Feel free to post them on the Free Rose Studio Facebook wall. If you haven’t had time yet, don’t worry about that deadline.  It’s just a suggestion, I’d love to see your work when it is finished, whenever that may be! 🙂

But, ready or not, Crafting Challenge #2 is here!  This one is “due” October 14, 2012.  It’s got a few more steps than  #1, but it can also make use of materials you have laying around the house, making it….FREE! A zero cost gift that is full of love and attention, and what’s a better gift than that? Nothing, I tell you! 🙂 Except a hug, maybe.  But, back to the point…I give you “Holiday Crafting Challenge #2!”

**Ok, I’m gonna be honest. I’m being selfish this time, and offering a project that I’ve been dying to do, but haven’t had the pressure to complete. Confession over. The challenge is…..


-These can be made in all sizes! You just need to know the length of the foot.
-Use old felted sweaters, sweatshirts, new wool felt, fleece, multiple layers of old t-shirts….you get the idea!
-JoAnn sells the non-skid fabric for the soles (in the “utility fabrics” area) if you wish to make them less slippery, just add it to the bottom layer. I have also used puff paint or thick glue to add some grip.
-This tutorial shows the basic pattern and directions. I want to see everyone shine in their choice of embellishments!! Bring it, ladies! 🙂



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