Craft Challenge # 4: Burlap

I know-it’s itchy.

But it’s also durable, affordable, and has a great texture perfect for home decor gifts!  Don’t you want to run out and get some right now? Once you do, here are 3 themes for projects with burlap, with examples for each one.  I hope you’ll share what you create on my Facebook wall.

-Idea # 1: Table Linens
Easy No-Sew Monogrammed Table Runner from Emmaline Bride

DIY Inspired has some great No-Sew Stenciled Placemats

-Idea #2: Centerpieces
No-Glue Floral Bouquets from my sister’s great craft blog, Morena’s Corner
This one is a great choice for crafting newbies: Burlap Wrapped Vase with Sharpie Marker details
-Idea # 3:Wreaths
Also from Morena’s Corner, I love this wreath with Vintage Lace and Flowers
Katie Lou is onto something with this super affordable Ruffled Burlap with a wire hanger frame wreathLet’s see what we all can create!

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