DIY Up-cycling Week: Day 1 Cabinet to Shelf Makeover

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Habitat Home Center to pick up a few supplies to create a functional up cycled project as part of their #DontTrashIt campaign.  My husband, Marc, and I are no stranger to “Habitat”, as we refer to it, it’s one of our favorite places to go browse and we’ve already done one upcycled project from there (I’ll share about that later this week).

Marc and I have always been interested in trying to find new uses for things we already have, and to his despair I just LOVE to paint things! (Hey, I’ve promised to not paint any guitars without permission!)

We embarked on a 2 part process using the goods I received from Habitat Home Center.  Our final goal: to create a functional work and storage center in Marc’s tiny (only 11’x7.5′) home music studio.

Part 1: Maximizing the storage abilities of an existing built-in, and freshening it up.

Item being Upcycled: Cabinet Door

Here is the before: A faded cabinet and a weird, useless ledge of unknown origin (or reasoning).  And yes-yours truly had perfect attendance once upon a time!

ImageHabitat Home Center has a large selection of loose cabinet doors; many styles, colors, sizes are available.  I found a long and narrow cabinet door that was the perfect length and width to fill the ledge below our existing cabinets.  Price: just $3!  SOLD!

To make everything look fresh and cohesive with Part 2 of the project, a fresh coat of paint was installed.  Marc removed the existing doors, and took them, along with our new recycled cabinet door/shelf, outside for a coat of paint. You can see the “new” door from Habitat in the center.Image


Inside, I put a fresh coat of chocolate brown paint on the remaining part of the built-in. I always check the “Oops” paints at Lowes and Home Depot, and pick up any colors that fit in with our tastes and existing color scheme.  You can score gallons of premiums paints for just $5-10! The chocolate brown I’m using for this project was one of those finds.  We also painted the entire studio for just $5, using another gallon of “Oops” paint!


After the paint dried, it was time to reassemble.  Looking back, Marc and I would now suggest you mark the doors left and right when removing them from home made pieces.  We lost a few minutes debating which holes the hinges fit back into.

Marc used 3″ screws to attach the new Cabinet Door Shelf onto the existing edge (which was about 1.5″ deep, and was pre-existing on 2 sides), drilling them in from the top into the ledge.

A quick trip to the dollar store provided some clear storage containers, and easy access bins to help organize our new shelf!


This project can also be replicated using any size cabinet door, and shelf brackets from any home improvement store.  There are many options, from utilitarian to decorative.  Most of the big stores have them in multiple locations (some in the building supplies, some with closet organization), so be sure to ask an employee to point them out to you if you want to find the full selection.

There are two main advantages to re-purposing a cabinet door into a shelf.  I found the selection of doors to have a large variety in regards to how the edges were finished: beveled, rounded, etc., which adds interest and detail to the shelf once it is up in your home. Second, price! How else can you get a shelf for $3-8? Many of them were solid wood, and  many would not require any coats of paint or stain, just a good cleaning.

Thanks for checking out our Cabinet Shelf Upcycle.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting about the multi-use corner unit we built below this utilizing 3 kitchen cabinets found at Habitat Home Center!  You can find out more about them by visiting these links:

Facebook link:

Twitter link:  (@311Homecenter)

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I received supplies from Habitat San Antonio, but all ideas, projects, and opinions are my own.

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