DIY Up-Cycle Week Day 3: Organizing with Jars

DIY Up-Cycling week continues with another organization tip.  So far this week, I’ve shown you how to turn a cabinet door into a shelf, and how to use upper kitchen cabinets to create an organized work space.  Today, I’ll show you my favorite way to organize all the small things in your work area: by using recycled jars!

Maybe it’s a little depression-era mentality of me, but I get excited that so many groceries come with a bonus: durable storage containers! If you’re like me, you have certain staples that come in glass jars.  This consistency is perfect for creating a collection of glass jars to use as storage throughout your home, as over time you’ll create sets of matching jars that look neat and organized when displayed together.  The bulk of my “collection” revolves around a certain brand of salsa and organic tomato jars, with the occasional small jam or olive jar.  I like to save the ones that have an interesting shape (like Stirrings cocktail mixes) to use for drinks, vases, or home decor projects. 

For my husband, Marc‘s, home music studio, we needed an attractive way to organize lots of small guitar parts and pieces.  While they just looked like a hot mess when thrown into a drawer, the pieces actually had very interesting shapes and colors due to the variances in their age and brands; I found them to be even more of an interesting display because they aren’t objects you out in the world every day.  


We split things by type, and if there were only a few, by similar use.  Bridges in one, and bridge accessories (springs, bolts, etc) in another; knobs together in one jar, pots in another. My favorite jar is the one full of knobs, I think the varied colors and types are so interesting! 

This type of storage can be manipulated to be used in any part of the home! Collecting a variety of sizes helps find the perfect shape for any objects you need to gather together.  You can recycle jars for pantry storage, or in your home office to organize erasers, paper clips, pens; for kids glass jars are a nice way to display a collection of fun gel pens, or crayons, or marbles and jacks. And if you’re lucky enough to use grocery products stored in mason jars, your possibilities are endless! Look into companies such as the Cuppow!, which turns your jar into a lunch box, or Ecojarz to find fun drinking tops.

How have you reused and recycled glass jars?  What would you organize with them?  Thanks for checking out DIY Up-Cycle Week!

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