“The Raleigh”

“The Raleigh” is based off my best selling diaper bag design, “The Essentials.”  It features all the same organizational features, but this version is crafted from soft and durable genuine leather, and showcases a lining made from vintage 1960’s brocade fabric.  It is large enough to be a school satchel or diaper bag for two, but also the perfect size for running around town; it will also accommodate most average size laptops and textbooks.

It is sturdy, but not stiff; making it comfortable and smooth against your body. Leather appliques across the front add visual interest, blending the asymmetrical straps into the piece. Straps are leather. A divided interior full of large pockets gives everything a place, and keeps the large space organized and functional.

The front displays mod rectangle appliques, a multi-dimensional mix of topstitched leather and stitched outlines. Please visit the Free Rose Studio Etsy shop to view and order this, along with other handmade bags and accessories.  If you have any questions, or would like information on wholesale ordering for your business, please contact Admin@FreeRoseStudio.com Thank you for visiting Free Rose Studio!

-Approx 14″ Tall, 10″ Wide, 5″ Deep

-2 Pleated Outer Pockets, lined, are large enough to hold water bottles or sippy cups
-Interior Divider features two flat 6.5″ tall pockets
-4 Large pleated pockets, 2 on each side of the divider; each measuring 10″ high and 7.5″ wide when fully expanded.

Pull Up AIO Trainers

If you haven’t checked out the etsy shop lately, please do!  I added a few new, ready to ship items this week.

Among these are XS/Small size pull up style AIO Training Pants. These adorable pull-up style training pants are an AIO style that absorbs and blocks moisture in one piece.  You can view them at FreeRose.etsy.com

Made of printed PUL, they are fully lined in a double layer of thick, white 100% cotton jersey, ans bound in fold over elastic (FOE). They are absorbent enough to catch accidents (and contain bowel movements) during potty learning, but do not substitute for diapers for heavy wetters. Side seams are all turned inward, so there are no exposed seams.

The easy up and down design is convenient when potty learning small babies/toddlers or working on elimination communication (EC). Made in a hard to find XS/Small size, and in a low, bikini cut rise, these trainers measure:

Waist, flat and unstretched: 8″, stretches to 11.5″
Hips, flat and unstretched: 9.5″, stretches to 11.5
Leg circumference, unstretched: 10.5″, stretched 13.5″
Rise from front to back: 13.5″

2 pairs are also available in a Fleece and Organic Bamboo Fleece combo.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  It’s still not to late to place a custom order for Christmas, send any inquiries to Susie@freerosestudio.com

Just wrapped up a custom diaper…

I enjoy making custom order diapers for clients, because it gives me a chance to do some fun combos I might not ordinarily offer as a stock item.  I just mailed off a great AIO, and it came out so cute I had to share it here! Please use the comment section to let me know if you love it too! All styles can be created as an AIO (all in one) or as a cover; it’s worth noting that cloth diaper covers make excellent swim diapers to coordinate with your child’s suit.

Here is is, check out this awesome Red Ruffle Bottom diaper!  What a great compliment to any modern girl’s wardrobe.

This Ruffle Bottom AIO featured an organic bamboo fleece soaker, covered with cotton to coordinate it with the cotton lining the inside of the diaper. My semi attached soakers are securely attached at one end (at the back for girls, at the front for boys), and a generous length, allowing for them to be folded to double the absorbtion in your babies wettest area, without adding bulk to the entire diaper. This soaker is 2 layers is the lower 2/3, allowing for 4 layers of bamboo fleece (and plus 4 additional layers of cotton) in the wet zone, while keeping it trim elsewhere.

10 columns of snaps across the waist give a close fit, and horizontal rows of snaps create 3 rise options. This picture shows it on it’s smallest settings.

To order a custom diaper in this combination, or to see what colors are currently available to make a unique cloth diaper or cover for your son or daughter, you can contact me using the form below. I also can be reached through my etsy store, or via email at Susie@FreeRoseStudio.com   As always, thank you for taking time out of your day to support Free Rose!!

New cover added to Etsy

I’ve started adding the new boys covers to the Etsy page.  While they are “boyish” they are also gender neutral! I added the Yellow with Green snaps OS PUL  Diaper cover first, I think it would be the perfect base for an Easter outfit. Don’t act like you’ve never planned an outfit around a diaper before! 🙂

Check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71215220/yellow-with-green-snaps-boys-os-cloth, and be sure to come back often as I will be listing the others over the weekend.

Being that this is a waterproof cover, it also makes for a great swim diaper! Just throw it over their swim suit while they are in the water, and easily unsnap it for playtime.

Yellow and Blue Ruffle Bottom Diaper Cover

Maybe you’ve picked out a perfect spring dress for your little princess, and you’ve even found the cutest shoes to match.  Maybe you have even found the perfect hat or hair bow to compliment it. But-what about her diaper?!

Have no fear, a new spring themed Ruffle Bottom diaper cover is here!! A base of buttery yellow, with 2 blue ruffles and blue snaps, this cover is too cute to cover with a dress, and perfect for pictures with lovely spring flowers!

Be sure to check out the listing in my Free Rose Etsy store, order now to ensure you’ll have it in time for Easter dresses. These PUL covers are perfect for use with my Tri-Fold Organic Bamboo Inserts. You’ll find that they combine to make for a trim diaper, and are an affordable way to use natural fibers. Purchase together and save 10% off the inserts if purchased together, convo me for a custom listing with the discount.

This item can also be used over disposable diapers as bloomers. Additionally, since it is waterproof, it will also make an ideal swim diaper cover over a swimsuit.

Click on the photos to view the Etsy listing, or find it here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/70939384/ruffled-bottom-os-cloth-diaper-cover


Organic Bamboo Fleece Inserts-In Stock!

I just wrapped up a large batch of organic 3 ply bamboo fleece inserts.  They are each so soft, and finished with a decorative red and orange stitch.  Handling this soft fabric made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, I felt that the stitching should represent that too.  I’m looking forward to getting these prepped and on my little guy soon.

For those who don’t know, bamboo is sustainable, biodegradable, resists mildew, absorbs better than cotton alone, and is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal!  These are just a few of the positive traits of this modern fabric.

If you haven’t tried it yet, head on over to the Etsy shop (you can click on the Shop tab above) and see for yourself. Single inserts, as well as packs of 5 will be available.  They can be placed against babies skin as an insert, or used in conjunction with another insert as a doubler, such as for overnight.