Costume Design

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Free Rose Studio is happy to offer professional costume design and construction.

Designed by Susan Hamilton,

With over ten years experience in costume design, Free Rose designer Susan Hamilton is available to help bring your ideas to life! Whether you are looking for a full custom design, someone to bring your sketches to life, or a costumer to join your theatrical productions design team, Free Rose will fulfill your needs.

Silk and Satin cape, measuring 20 FEET x 27 FEET! Costumes Designed by Susan Hamilton,

By working with you one on one, Susan will personalize the experience based off your needs and location.  Rates are variable, and based off of the particular design.  No production is too large, as Free Rose has an experienced pool of professional seamstresses on call to tackle large shows.

@Cameo Theater Costumes Designed by Susan Hamilton,

Susan has experience in many specific areas of design. She has produced costumes for theatrical productions, feature film, corporate events, dance shows, theme parks,  and burlesque.

Costumes Designed by Susan Hamilton,

Please browse this selection of photos from Susan’s portfolio.  Photos will be updated and rotated periodically, so check back often. If you are looking for anything in particular, do not hesitate to contact her directly at, or use the form following the photos.

Sanitarium 2

Sanitarium 1

styling 2

styling 1


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