Help bring Night of the Living Dead to the stage in SA!

I am thrilled to be reuniting with local director Bryan Ortiz on a new project. Last year, I worked with him on the feature film Sanitarium. This time, we’re headed back to the Overtime Theatre to create a unique in-the-round stage experience of George Romero’s classic film, Night of the Living Dead. I will be serving as the Costume Designer for this project. Check us out on Facebook here



We have big dreams for this, and a great creative team.  Robert Jerdee and Suzanne Markova (two other long time friends of mine, in fact Suzanne helps me produce 4-5 shows a year for our other project!) are on board as producers, and this event is sure to be a highlight of your Halloween plans.  BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!



We’ve started a kickstarter to help raise the needed funds to cover our set, makeup (zombies are high maintenance!), and designer fees-and we have some AMAZING rewards! You can buy your way into being a zombie on stage during the show, or round out your night with hunted house tickets! Please head over and watch the promo video, and if you’d like to help us achieve all of our goals on this new endeavor consider giving a little bit. Check it out here.   Thanks for your support of the Arts in San Antonio!


Sanitarium at the San Antonio Film Festival

I am so excited to announce that Sanitarium, the feature film I worked on as a costume designer last year, is screening here in San Antonio this Friday, June 21! It has been selected to play at the 2013 San Antonio Film Festival. You can pick up advance tickets here.


Though it’s been almost a year since production, this was a big project for me and I’m still as excited about it now as when we were planning it. The feature length film is a horror trilogy, comprised of three stories; each written and directed by a different local director. Bryan Ortiz, one of my favorite directors to work with (Remember Dr. S Battles The Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie: The Musical?), asked me to work with him as Costume Designer on his segment, Monsters are Real; which evolved into Costume Designing Kerry Valderrama’s piece Up to the Last Man, as well as the hospital scenes that you’ll see between segments.  It was wonderful working with the talented actors who were brought in (Malcolm McDowell, Lou Diamond Phillips, David Mazouz), but it was even more heartwarming to see the San Antonio community come together and make this happen! 


Ortiz working hard.

There are some really great reviews, and press pieces out about the film.  I hope you’ll take a minute to Like the Facebook page, check out the Fangoria review from the Miami Film Festival, and watch the trailer here.  Bonus points if you can find yours truly in the trailer (hint: it’s twice but they’re very different!). And I hope to see you on Friday!