Last weekend to shop at The Pop-Up Emporium

Have you visited The Pop-Up Emporium yet? This cute little pop-up shop is happening at 1119 S. St Mary’s St in San Antonio, Texas, and it’s a great place to pick up some local art, antiques, and unique furniture pieces.  Best of all, 10% of all proceeds benefit benefit Contemporary Art Month!

The Pop-Up Emporium is in it’s final days, though.  Be sure to stop by before it closes this Sunday, March 10, 2013.

I have all of my ready made items displayed there, and I just dropped of two new Essentials bags (pictured below), and a handful of flannel cloth diapers/burp rags.  I have to give a huge thank you to my friend Greg Mannino, for letting me know about this wonderful event.  It’s wonderful to have had so many people view my work!


Visit the Southtown area this weekend, enjoy Luminaria on Saturday night, and check out this great pop up shop.

Introducing the “Barlow Bag”

I’ve been selling these for a few months now, but I thought it was time to officially introduce my newest style: The “Barlow Bag”!  This convertible bag is available as a cross body, but the strap quickly shortens to purse length to be carried on the shoulder.  Ready made items are currently available in my Etsy shop, and of course you can always custom order by visiting the Contact tab above.


Tapered at the top, with a pleated, curved bottom to accommodate a full bag, it holds a lot but stays flat against your body.



Size wise, it falls between the smaller “Pennsylvanian” and the “Essentials” bag.


 The “Barlow” stands 14″ tall and 4″ deep. The top measures 12″ across, while the wider bottom is 14″. It contains 2 inner pleated pockets, but can be upgraded to 4 pleated, or 2 pleated and one flat. The cotton belting strap adjusts up to 50″ in length (longer lengths available by custom order).



The “Barlow Bag” is available with a messenger flap closure (with magnetic snap), or with a zippered top (pictured below)Image.  



To order, please contact me, and I’ll send you my current fabric choices.  The “Barlow” bag is available for $55.  Embroidery, monogramming, and appliqués are available for an additional fee.  


The “Barlow” can also be ordered in a purse length with a matching fabric strap for an additional $8.


“The Raleigh”

“The Raleigh” is based off my best selling diaper bag design, “The Essentials.”  It features all the same organizational features, but this version is crafted from soft and durable genuine leather, and showcases a lining made from vintage 1960’s brocade fabric.  It is large enough to be a school satchel or diaper bag for two, but also the perfect size for running around town; it will also accommodate most average size laptops and textbooks.

It is sturdy, but not stiff; making it comfortable and smooth against your body. Leather appliques across the front add visual interest, blending the asymmetrical straps into the piece. Straps are leather. A divided interior full of large pockets gives everything a place, and keeps the large space organized and functional.

The front displays mod rectangle appliques, a multi-dimensional mix of topstitched leather and stitched outlines. Please visit the Free Rose Studio Etsy shop to view and order this, along with other handmade bags and accessories.  If you have any questions, or would like information on wholesale ordering for your business, please contact Thank you for visiting Free Rose Studio!

-Approx 14″ Tall, 10″ Wide, 5″ Deep

-2 Pleated Outer Pockets, lined, are large enough to hold water bottles or sippy cups
-Interior Divider features two flat 6.5″ tall pockets
-4 Large pleated pockets, 2 on each side of the divider; each measuring 10″ high and 7.5″ wide when fully expanded.

The year is flying by!

Wow, 2012 has just been growing and growing for me here at Free Rose Studio. I’ve been so busy working with clients and sewing, that time got away from me and I’m finally doing my “Welcome, 2012!” post!

2011 was a wonderful year that allowed me to grow in many different ways.  It also marked many milestones for my business: first a website, a PO address, new logos, and finally become an actual corporation!  I’m so happy to be at this point with our business that we were able to accomplish those things.

As the year began, I did some thinking about what 2012 should hold.  I decided my goal was to get handmade into more people’s hands.  I want people to have the option of buying handmade, buying local, giving gifts that were created by someone you can actually interact with.  My goal for this year is to focus on my ready-made stock.  Each month I will add ready-to-ship items to the Etsy store, so that Free Rose Studio can be your source not only for custom designs, but for beautiful, carefully handmade items you can order on a whim and have in your possession within the week

"Essentials" canvas diaper bag, 6 inner pockets, divider, 2 outer pockets

Free Form Van Halen Frankenstein canvas tote bag

I have been enjoying this new challenge, balancing it with custom orders has been interesting, but ready-made offers me a chance to use fabrics I love and techniques I feel like doing that day so I think it’s win-win for everyone.

So far, ready made items in my shop include an Essentials Diaper bag, a smaller tote, and new flannel burpcloths (that double as cloth diapers) and wash cloths.  I am excited to announce that I also have 3 NEW, ready to ship Echino birds bags that will be making an appearance very soon. This fabric had been sold out, but I found a source with just a few pieces left, I can’t wait to share them with you.

Please peruse the etsy shop: Free Rose Studio, and take a moment to like my Facebook page to stay up to date on new designs, offerings, and specials.

Pocket Prefold Burp Rag Cloth Diaper

Purse Week 2011

I’m so excited! i just entered my first blog contest!

How did this happen, you ask? Well, I’m here at home, cruising the internet and holding down the homestead, when I find this beautiful blog: A Lemon Squeezy Home.  I’m looking through the wonderful posts, when I read about Purse Week 2011!  I thought “What the heck?! I’ll take a chance!”

Submissions are being accepted until Sept 30, should anyone else wish to enter their own creations.  Then-the voting will begin!  The bags that have been submitted thus far are beautiful and inspiring, lots of creative ideas and there’s still 3 more weeks to go. You can view them here.

In other news, I had some goooooorgeous fabric arrive today.  Some Alexander Henry prints that are to DIE for! Did you get my hint? 😉  Look for some pics in the next week or two.  Enjoy the weekend, Friends!

Destination Katy

Another brand new design rolled out of the Free Rose Studio this week.  I’d like to take a quick moment to introduce you to the “Destination Katy” handbag! Handmade by me, just for you.

Features soft velvet trim in chocolate brown and a textured slouchy cotton. Interior fabric is your choice of various vintage dress fabrics (selection will be provided at checkout). Silver purse feet, rings, and studs pop against the soft brown. Front flap is held in place with a magnetic snap closure.

Decorative hand stitching finishes the edges, while silver hardware and studs add glamour.

Interior is crafted from your choice of vintage brocade fabrics.  It features double pouch pockets, cell phone pocket, and snapping key loop.

Soft and luxurious padded velvet shoulder straps coordinate with the velvet trim. This bag measures approx. 11″ high by 14″ wide, with an approx 12″ drop on the straps.

I use high quality fabrics, threads, and notions to create a unique piece of art you can wear everyday.  Complete your look and leave the house knowing you are carrying something few others have, and for the affordable price of $95.

This bag is made to order.   Please use the box below to contact me.  I will send you choices for the lining fabric; once I have received your selection you will receive your one of a kind, custom handbag in 3-4 weeks.

International Messenger Bag of Mystery

Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  I guess there’s not really too much mystery to it. But this new  bag is exciting because it’s my first international, off the North American continent order! Free Rose is going abroad!

And…to make it even more exciting, it’s a new style.  I would like, if I may, to show you the lovely messenger strap option.

The bag shown was created especially for Jess, a lovely gal “across the pond,” as they say.  She just had her second baby and needed all the space she could get in a diaper bag. Since she is out and about with 2 under 2, a messenger style strap was a must! Like the Daycare Diaper Bag, it features two outside drink pockets and a large exterior pocket in the front.  I added some button detail in both the aqua and contrasting orange color.

The sturdy 100% cotton strap is 2″ wide, and is hand dyed to match the color scheme of the bag.  Brown cotton bias along the edges finishes it off and ties it in with the coordinating trim on the rest of the diaper bag.

Lovely coordinating hardware polishes it all off. The extra long strap adjusts for Mom or Dad.

A zippered section across the top keeps everything out of reach of tiny hands…

…but separates when needed to allow full access to the interior.  This is helpful when getting everything packed and unpacked.  The coordinating Aqua and Brown cotton interior is crisp and clean, and each Aqua pocket is trimmed in narrow brown bias trim. A snapping clip keeps a toy, paci, or keys handy.

Interested in ordering a messenger style oversized  bag? It’s not just good for baby supplies, with customizable pockets this would also make the ideal travel bag, beach bag, or school bag.  Email me at, or visit my Etsy store. All bags are one of a kind, custom made to order; you choose the main fabric from my current availability and I will create something wonderful just for you.

I can’t wait to see pics of Jess and her darling angels out and about with her new satchel!  As always, thank you for checking in at the Free Rose Studio! Any ideas of something you’d like to see here? Please comment or email them to me!