Pull Up AIO Trainers

If you haven’t checked out the etsy shop lately, please do!  I added a few new, ready to ship items this week.

Among these are XS/Small size pull up style AIO Training Pants. These adorable pull-up style training pants are an AIO style that absorbs and blocks moisture in one piece.  You can view them at FreeRose.etsy.com

Made of printed PUL, they are fully lined in a double layer of thick, white 100% cotton jersey, ans bound in fold over elastic (FOE). They are absorbent enough to catch accidents (and contain bowel movements) during potty learning, but do not substitute for diapers for heavy wetters. Side seams are all turned inward, so there are no exposed seams.

The easy up and down design is convenient when potty learning small babies/toddlers or working on elimination communication (EC). Made in a hard to find XS/Small size, and in a low, bikini cut rise, these trainers measure:

Waist, flat and unstretched: 8″, stretches to 11.5″
Hips, flat and unstretched: 9.5″, stretches to 11.5
Leg circumference, unstretched: 10.5″, stretched 13.5″
Rise from front to back: 13.5″

2 pairs are also available in a Fleece and Organic Bamboo Fleece combo.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  It’s still not to late to place a custom order for Christmas, send any inquiries to Susie@freerosestudio.com